The assistance Busso & Fariña Abogados provides to its clients in labor-related and social security issues covers all aspects of labor law.

Due to Argentina’s high conflictive labor environment, Busso & Fariña Abogados’s professionals have experience in all types of conflicts and collective bargaining matters. The Firm has been involved in negotiating labor and salary conditions and in the application of crisis-prevention mechanisms afforded by Argentine law.

Busso & Fariña Abogados has been involved in workers’ compensation and benefit schemes, work-force transfers, sanctions and dismissals, etc.

Defense of its clients before the labor courts is one of the most active practice areas of the firm. Busso & Fariña Abogados has successfully defended many clients on social security matters Immigration Law

Busso & Fariña Abogados provides legal support to clients wishing to obtain the necessary visas or permits to work or reside in Argentina.

Through its correspondents all over the world, Busso & Fariña Abogados can also provide assistance in connection with immigration matters, passport or visa renewals, etc. As part of its services, the firm also advises clients wishing to work or operate overseas or secure social security benefits for foreigners working in Argentina.