General and Commercial Practice

Busso & Fariña Abogados and its team have been involved in all types of complex commercial or financial transactions requiring innovative solutions. The firm’s clients have sought advice in connection with fishing activities (Arbumasa), mining (Barrick), winemaking (Finca La Celia, Viñas de Altura), cement manufacturing (Holcim), paper production (UPM-Kymmene), publishing and retail activities (bookstores, beer, soft drinks, etc.). Our clients include top participants in the most different markets, and have always found in Busso & Fariña Abogados the necessary legal support to carry out their activities. [+]

Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

usso & Fariña Abogados and its professional team enjoy an excellent reputation as a consequence of its participation in, and assistance to, some of the most complex corporate transactions ever completed in Argentina. The law firm has devised creative solutions for the Coca-Cola system (franchise expansions, capital injections and merger of several independent bottlers) and for Holcim Ltd, the former controlling shareholder of Corcemar, (which, with Busso & Fariña Abogados’s assistance, was merged into Juan Minetti SA to create the second largest cement manufacturer in Argentina, a deal that constituted the second-ever merger of companies listed in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and the first of its kind since the 80’s). [+]

Mergers and Acquisitions

Among the most widely recognized M&A firms in Argentina, Busso & Fariña Abogados and its team have actively participated in several of Argentina’s most relevant transactions in this field. As an example, Busso & Fariña Abogados acted as local counsel to Holcim Ltd (the world’s largest cement manufacturer) in the acquisition of a controlling stake in Corcemar, its subsequent merger into Juan Minetti SA and the ensuing share swap with Juan Minetti’s shareholders, a long process which ended up in the creation of the second largest Argentine cement manufacturer whose shares are traded in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. This transaction was the only merger of publicly traded companies in Argentina in the last thirty years. [+]

Real Estate Transactions

Busso & Fariña Abogados and its professionals have been involved in large real estate transactions, involving both urban, agricultural and industrial properties. These transactions require a careful attention to details, including the legal situation of the assets and of the parties involved, and adequate recording of the transactions in the relevant registries. Many transactions have involved properties located in boundary areas, thus requiring special care in the obtention of the necessary permits. [+]

Banking Law, Capital Markets and Project Financing

Busso & Fariña Abogados specializes in the design and implementation of complex financial transactions and collateral schemes. Our banking law specialists have broad experience in advising all types of domestic, international and multilateral financial institutions. [+]

Antitrust and Competition Law

Busso & Fariña Abogados’s experience in all matters related to antitrust enforcement is a result of its active participation in the M&A market and its seasoned advice to domestic and foreign clients involved in the manufacture or distribution of consumer goods. [+]

Telecommunications and Media Law

Busso & Fariña Abogados and its professionals have actively participated in telecommunications, software and e-commerce matters. In addition, they have been very active in Internet- and e-commerce related transactions, advising founders and investors. [+]

Litigation and Arbitration

A substantial portion of Busso & Fariña Abogados’s activity is devoted to advising clients facing all types of conflicts or outright litigation, whether before local or foreign courts or arbitration panels. The Firm’s professionals have litigated on behalf of both creditors or debtors at the Federal, provincial or city levels, including before the Federal Supreme Court. [+]

Labor Law and Social Security Regulations

The assistance Busso & Fariña Abogados provides to its clients in labor-related and social security issues covers all aspects of labor law. [+]

Consumer Protection

Busso & Fariña Abogados renders preventive as well as defensive advice on all areas related to consumer rights’ protection. Adequate strategies are always necessary to reduce or minimize possible consumers’ claims. The Firm’s experience (supported by many years of advising clients who manufacture mass consumption goods) includes defenses at both the administrative or judicial levels and before all types of agencies handling consumer claims. [+]

Composition, Bankruptcy and Reorganization Proceedings

A swift and experienced handling of complicated corporate debt rescheduling and bankruptcy matters has turned Busso & Fariña Abogados and its professionals into one of the leading Argentine firms in this complicated area of the law. [+]

Intellectual Property

Busso & Fariña Abogados provides advice to local and foreign corporations to obtain trademark, industrial design, copyright and patent protection and in the preparation and negotiation of license and publication agreements. It assists authors, designers, publishers, translators and users in the protection of their respective interests. [+]

Immigration Law

Busso & Fariña Abogados provides legal support to clients wishing to obtain the necessary visas or permits to work or reside in Argentina. [+]